Run, Jump, Learn in Secondary School – Finland

A Morning in the Forest with the 8th Graders

On the last Monday of our school year we had a nice morning with our 58 8th graders in the forest near our school. We walked there and each class placed themselves in their own part of the forest.

First we observed the nature there and afterwards shared our thoughts to each other and talked about what we had seen or heard and how it felt to be completely silent and just enjoy the quietness and the beautiful nature. We also discussed how hard it was to concentrate on being still and quiet knowing your schoolmates were around you.

After that we divided the classes in groups of 3-4 pupils. Their task was to explore the forest and draw a map of it. While observing the surroundings and drawing the maps they also searched for a treasure that they hid in the forest. This was then marked in the map. Next the maps were switched between the groups and they tried to find the other groups treasures, and they all did!

We also worked in pairs. The pairs took each other to a place in the forest with the one partner’s eyes closed. Afterwards the one whose eyes were closed tried to find back to the place he had been taken to. I think that this was the most popular thing to do.

Of course, we also had a nice break with some packed lunch.

The last part of our time in the forest we played a post office-game in a big group with 58 pupils one class against others. The game was a success and the winners were rewarded with jam doughnuts. 😊


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