Learning Activities Outside (Finland)

Finland finished the distance learning period halfway through May and we returned back to school to learn. As we all know, returning did not mean going back to school as it was before the Covid19, but getting back to new normal with keeping distance and washing hands. We have been encouraged to teach and learn outside and this we did. Luckily we had a ton of activities ready to be utilized from our Run, jump, learn! project! We have done outdoor math and science as we learned in Kisa, Sweden, kept our distance in „our gardens“ as we learned in Aberystwyth, Wales, did forest activities learned in Wehretal, Germany and outdoor sports activities as we learned in Gijon, Spain. Thank you partners! In the following photos you will get a glimpse of some year 2 learning activities outside studying Finnish, art, math and science. 

#Stayathome: 50 Challenges from five countries

If you take part in one of our challenges and you would like to see your picture here, please send it to: kleeblatt.schule@web.de

Please tell us, where you are from and pay attention to the European data protection law.

Here you can download 50 challenge cards to get into motion:

Challenge Cards Sweden

Challenge Cards Finland

Challenge Cards Wales

Challenge Cards Spain

Challenge Cards Germany

There are 10 challenges from each country – ready to use as pdf-documents.

About birds in the winter – Sweden

This January the pupils in the preschool classes learn about bird’s life, their food and their body parts. We make paintings, sculptures and our own books about birds.

Every week we go to the forest with our 22 six-year old pupils.

This week we learned about birds. In the forest, we split in small groups who worked together. Each group got a rope and a picture with a bird. The challenge was to use the rope to make the bird’s body contours. The other parts of the bird was to be done with things from the nature.

Skip and QR codes – Wales

Every classroom in the Foundation Phase (ages 3 to 7 years) has a SKIP area. Here, pupils can practise their physical skills. Pupils can scan the QR codes to watch a video to help them improve these skills. Every partner in our project now has these QR codes, which were made by the Plascrug Bronze Ambassadors.

Outdoor science – Finland

The first graders in Oulu have studied animals in science. Recently they practiced classifying animals into vertebrates and invertebrates by playing tree tag. Each student had a picture of an animal which were first studied and classified in class. They had to stand by their own tree. If the teacher shouted „vertebrates“ or “invertebrates”, everyone with a that kind of an animal changed from one tree to another. At the same time, the teacher tried to catch the them before they reached a new tree. The ones caught became new captors.

Bicycle training – Germany

A tradition at Kleeblattschule is the bicycle training in year 4. In science our pupils learn the all about traffic rules, to read traffic signs and what to do in all kinds of situations a biker can experience. In addition we have a practical training with the police. Pupils improve their bike performance skills for example cycling single handed. In the end they all pass a theoretical and practical test and receive their bicycle riding license.


Challenge accepted – Sweden

A teacher brought the challenge cards to the school yard one day, and it didn’t take long until she had a smaller group of interested 9 year olds with her. They tried a few of the challenges from Germany, among others they tried the human centipede. (One hand on the left shoulder of the person in front of you, and the other hand on the same person’s right foot.) It went very well actually, at least until they started to jump forward… 🙂 It was not easy at all! They giggled and laughed and the teacher had to promise to bring challenges from another country next time!

Active outside learning – Finland


Our 2nd graders got to experience a marvellous day learning in the forest when we visited Timosenkoski Nature School. We had a full day of adventure with problem solving and teamwork tasks. During the day, we got to use our imagination, throw ourselves into playing and experience the surrounding nature with all senses.


The northernmost nature school in Finland
The main target of the nature school education is to familiarise the educated and the educators with natural phenomena and to increase school activities in nature. Furthermore, an important goal is to awake environmental sensitivity and interest in nature and to promote responsible lifestyle.

Timosenkoski Nature School has been a learning centre for teaching environmental education and biology for more than twenty years. The school offers days full of experiences in nature for pupils in the lower level of comprehensive school. The programs in the nature school are planned to support the communal curriculum.

The youngest pupils act in nature led by fairy tale and play. They observe nature with their senses and adventure in the neighbouring forest in all seasons. When doing this, they get to know plants and animals in the area. The older pupils make small scientific experiments in the forest, on the swamp and by the ditches.

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Bäckskolan on the run

The last 6 weeks before the summer break all pupils and staff at Bäcksskolan decided to run and go even more than usual. We had different challenges and activities to make it fun. In the breaks we run through the forest, the staff had a competition which team goes most kilometer and all classes walked a lot trough our town. One day we have had a race in our park with music and real number patches. Every kilometer was noted on a board and we tried to run the whole way from Kisa to Gijon. It was very exciting. Could we realy run 2800km together? The last week many pupils run an extra lap in the breaks and so we did it at last!

Poems – from Sweden

I came to Sweden and what did I see?

came here to greet and meet Marion and colleagues

Beautiful walk we had today

green, white, blue and yellow laid

in the eyes of me and mates

Birds singing in my ears

wind blowing and I hear

happy laughs from this group cheer


The beautiful road

Greenery, flowery, chirping

Always good for the soul


Wind in my hair.

Pollen in the air

Tired feet

the beautiful road meet

Around me lush nature and friends

but soon our time in Sweden ends

Head buzzing with new ideas

I offer you my thank you


V ery valuable

A wesome

C old

K isa

R iver

A nts

V iolets

A nemone flower

E xciting

G rass

E arth

N ature


The Beautiful Road

Peace comes when a gentle breeze

sends the aroma of Juniper berries from swishing trees.

Daw heddwch pan fydd yr awel ysgafn

Yn danfon arogl aeron y ferywen o goed symudol

There once was a group from Wales

who enjoyed hearing fun, mossy tales

They ran, jumped and learnt,

Then fika they earnt

And walked back all sluggish like snails


Kaunis tie

Se meidät kevääsur vie

heräävä vihreys ja

lintyen laulu

kaunis kuin Da Vinci taulu

Vehreyden laskillä punaisel huvat

Nautintoon ja naimisun an meillä luvat

Y gwynt yn ein gwenyban

Y mwsog meddal o dan y droed

Can melys yr adar nwchben

Hud natur

The wind in our faces

The spongy moss under foot

The sweet birdsong above

The magic of nature

Read, run, write! (Finland)

Year 1 is learning writing skills. This week we were learning to master the sounds g, nk and ng. One of the activities we carried out was a treasure hunt. The teacher placed cards with g/nk/ng-words around the gym hall. Pupils had a treasure hunt sheet where to write the words. They we able to select a place for themselves and their sheet of paper. When the activity started, the kids ran to a word, read it, memorized the spelling and ran back to their answer sheets to write the words.
A very simple but a very motivating activity! We had great fun!


Pancake Race – Wales

We took inspiration from the pancake races in Spain and Sweden today and held an Easter Games event!  Pupils from Year 1 (ages 5 and 6) took part in egg and spoon races, egg rolling, an egg toss and a hunt the egg game using cones.  They had to find and collect the eggs in their team’s colour and leave the rest.  The winners were those who collected the most!

Plate relay math game (Finland)

Two teams are given two different numbers. There are six different math problems for each of the numbers. These calculations are written on plates which are located face down on the floor.

First member of both teams start at the same time, they run to the play area and turn a plate of their choice, and calculate the sum/difference/multiplication/division. If that matches with their target number, they can keep the plate and return to their team and send next team member to continue. If number does not match, they leave the plate on floor face down and return to their team and next member continues. The team which has found all 6 plates matching their result, is the winner.


Challenge Cards

We want to encourage our pupils to learn independently inside and out of the classroom so we have created these fun challenge cards! Each card explains how to play a game or activity and every card is different. Some challenges require a group of people to play, others can be completed independently. Photographs and a ‘star rating’ help pupils to choose suitable challenges for their ability and environment. Each school created 10 challenge cards so we now have a pack of 50 fun outdoor activities to try in our schools!

Staff Training Wales

We were excited to share the training from Germany with the rest of our staff.  Everyone enjoyed the games!  The sound shaker game was very popular and we were good at guessing how far a deer can jump.  We managed to fit 21 people in our shed!  We are looking forward to trying out the games with our pupils.