Outdoor science – Finland

The first graders in Oulu have studied animals in science. Recently they practiced classifying animals into vertebrates and invertebrates by playing tree tag. Each student had a picture of an animal which were first studied and classified in class. They had to stand by their own tree. If the teacher shouted „vertebrates“ or “invertebrates”, everyone with a that kind of an animal changed from one tree to another. At the same time, the teacher tried to catch the them before they reached a new tree. The ones caught became new captors.

Challenge accepted – Sweden

A teacher brought the challenge cards to the school yard one day, and it didn’t take long until she had a smaller group of interested 9 year olds with her. They tried a few of the challenges from Germany, among others they tried the human centipede. (One hand on the left shoulder of the person in front of you, and the other hand on the same person’s right foot.) It went very well actually, at least until they started to jump forward… 🙂 It was not easy at all! They giggled and laughed and the teacher had to promise to bring challenges from another country next time!

Bäckskolan on the run

The last 6 weeks before the summer break all pupils and staff at Bäcksskolan decided to run and go even more than usual. We had different challenges and activities to make it fun. In the breaks we run through the forest, the staff had a competition which team goes most kilometer and all classes walked a lot trough our town. One day we have had a race in our park with music and real number patches. Every kilometer was noted on a board and we tried to run the whole way from Kisa to Gijon. It was very exciting. Could we realy run 2800km together? The last week many pupils run an extra lap in the breaks and so we did it at last!

50 Challenge Cards from five counties

Here you can download 50 challenge cards to get your pupils into motion:

Challenge Cards Sweden

Challenge Cards Finland

Challenge Cards Wales

Challenge Cards Spain

Challenge Cards Germany

There are 10 challenges from each country – ready to use as pdf-documents.

Challenge Cards

We want to encourage our pupils to learn independently inside and out of the classroom so we have created these fun challenge cards! Each card explains how to play a game or activity and every card is different. Some challenges require a group of people to play, others can be completed independently. Photographs and a ‘star rating’ help pupils to choose suitable challenges for their ability and environment. Each school created 10 challenge cards so we now have a pack of 50 fun outdoor activities to try in our schools!

Athletics competition (Finland)

We had our athletics competition on our school a few weeks ago. The sports you got to choose from were for example running for 60 or 600 meters, long jump, high jump and shot put. When the day started, all of us had our warm up together, and then it was time for the sports. 

Every sport we did on the day was outside except for high jump, and it was competed on the gymnasium. The day was also a tryout to the final competition between schools in Oulu, and everyone who got to first or second place in any sport has the chance to go and represent our school on the big competition between the schools in a bigger sports stadium, near the center of Oulu. 

Even though there was a chance of getting to the bigger competition, the day was not supposed to take that seriously witch was really nice, and it made the sports enjoyable. On the next week after the competition, there was a distribution of prizes on our gymnasium, and the winners got medals. 

Overall, I think that the day was successful, and it was fun! 

Veera Härkönen, 6B, Pöllönkankaan Koulu

Annual sports day (Sweden)

Every year in June we have a day with many sports at Bäckskolan. This year our students were divided in 20 country-teams, after all the nations we have in our school and in the project.

During the day the teams played football, tried out athletics and hade various games. After so much motion all students and teachers were really hungry and the food was very appreciated.