International Teacher Training in Finland (March 2018)


Run, jump, learn! project had an LTT-event in Finland in Oulu. During the event, we trained in active teaching methods inside and outside. We also had the chance to get to enjoy the winter and experience Finland.


Finland – wonderful winter day


We had a wonderful winter day skiing in -8°. It was snowing a bit and there was no wind. We skied to the ski hut nearby, where everybody had lunch and some sweets as well. Some students even wanted to compete in skiing. Are they the future Olympic medalists in cross-country skiing?

Hanging in classroom

Besides the running, jumping and learning, we are also doing other active things in Pöllönkangas, Oulu! We’ve had 17 pull up bars installed in our classrooms to enable further physical activity during and between lessons. They have already been used to do pull ups, hanging and crunches. The children enjoy them very much!



It is the time of year that if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of an elf. Elves are very busy doing all their tasks of watching who’s naughty and nice, making presents, helping Santa and getting ready for Christmas.

As you all know, Finland is Santa’s true home. So, we at Pöllönkangas school have a tradition of organising a special day every December. During this day, all the year 1-6 children get a chance of practising how to move like elves. They swing from one rooftop to another, climb ladders, go under and over obstacles They balance, run, jump, leap, hang and have great fun!