Project of the Month (Germany)

“Run-Jump-Learn“- has been awarded „Project of the Month February“ by our National Agency PAD. In December our Agency sent us a film team that accompanied us for one day. They filmed our school, some lessons, some actions of our Run-Jump-Learn-Club and did some interviews with teachers and pupils.

Europe – as a Human Picture (Finland)

We are learning nouns, adjectives and verbs with the 4th graders. In this improvisation rehearsal of nouns each student made up a role in a human picture called “Europe”. When they took their place in the picture they named the noun they were presenting, e.g. “I am Iceland” (the boy on the table), “I am Finland” (the boy with a grey sweatshirt), “I am the sea” (all the girls in the front).

Math in the snow


Today we had math outside in the snow. Our goal was to practice measurement in meter and centimeter. We worked in groups of 4. First the group prepared the course. Then one pupil went down on a bum slider, two pupils measured and one wrote down the results. Every pupil went 3 rounds, then we worked inside with the results.

Start… Run Jump Learn!

The main objective of our project is to increase the physical activity of pupils in our school and their physical literacy skills.  This will be done through adopting an ‚active learning‘ approach to teaching in all areas of the curriculum.   Many studies, e.g.,, have proven the link between physical activity and attainment levels, so we anticipate that as a result of increasing physical activity in our schools, attainment in literacy, numeracy, science and skills in language learning will improve also.  ICT will be used by staff and pupils as a tool for sharing our ideas and results.

Our schools wish to motivate students and teachers to develop and improve knowledge, and expect to have an exchange of best practice methods on a European level.  Staff will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge of new teaching methodology, learning from staff in other countries who have experience in working this way already.   We wish to take the opportunity to develop new methods for learning with the whole body, both outdoors and indoors.  Run_Jump_Learn_Board

Here you can see the Welsh paper version of the weblog. 🙂 Great work!