Teacher Training in Gijon

In September our latest Teacher Training was held at the C.P. ATALÌA in Gijon. Teachers from four countries visited the Spanish partner school and experienced a varied and exciting programme. We got to know the school and its everyday school life. During the week we got to know and tried activities for pupils and classes. We were very happy to join in different exercises which can easily be integrated into our daily school life.  
We really enjoyed the sports day at the local sports center. We also learned about the yoga concept of C.P. ATALÌA. Another highlight for us teachers was a kayak trip on the river Sella. Many thanks to the Spanish team for the wonderful days!

50 Challenge Cards from five counties

Here you can download 50 challenge cards to get your pupils into motion:

Challenge Cards Sweden

Challenge Cards Finland

Challenge Cards Wales

Challenge Cards Spain

Challenge Cards Germany

There are 10 challenges from each country – ready to use as pdf-documents.

Pancake Race – Wales

We took inspiration from the pancake races in Spain and Sweden today and held an Easter Games event!  Pupils from Year 1 (ages 5 and 6) took part in egg and spoon races, egg rolling, an egg toss and a hunt the egg game using cones.  They had to find and collect the eggs in their team’s colour and leave the rest.  The winners were those who collected the most!

Challenge Cards

We want to encourage our pupils to learn independently inside and out of the classroom so we have created these fun challenge cards! Each card explains how to play a game or activity and every card is different. Some challenges require a group of people to play, others can be completed independently. Photographs and a ‘star rating’ help pupils to choose suitable challenges for their ability and environment. Each school created 10 challenge cards so we now have a pack of 50 fun outdoor activities to try in our schools!

Run, Jump, Learn! in Spain

The 27th. and 28th. of September Run, jump, learn! had a Transnational Project Meeting in Gijón, Spain. During the meeting, we did the „Atalia School Tour“, we were received by the local authorities in the Town Hall and we did a Spanish inmersion activity.

Our project was in the printed version of our local newspaper, El Comercio.

erasmus gijon town hall

Sharing the joy of movement!

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Run, jump, learn! partner schools had a photo competition recently. The children took photos of each other moving. Each photo had to have at least three children moving. Each school then chose and rewarded the school winners. Here are the winning photos for you to enjoy!

Pancake Races in CP Atalía

In our school we try to celebrate cultural events where perhaps Spain and the UK overlap. Pancake Day or „Martes de Carnaval“ is a good example. Pacakes or „Frixuelos“ (as they are called in Asturias) make that link. Pancake races are something we have been doing for at least the past 15 years in the school and is popular in the UK.

Last Friday we ran the much loved Pancake Races. Fun was had by all and the pancakes were very yummy yummy yummy!

Do you eat something special for Carnival?

Here you can watch our „Atalía News Pancake Races Edition“

Peace Day in Atalía School

The 30th of January was Spain’s schools peace and non-violence day.

In our school we raised money for Save the Children, a NGO that is tackling child poverty in Europe and Africa.


All the teachers and students in the school got involved. First, we drew a big „heart of peace“ on the floor. You can see the process and the final result in this video.

Finally, our students „ran and jumped“ to help children in need in the races that were prepared for the different student’s age groups. We „learnt“ that the final result of a collaborative project can be great. Both, the 2700 euros we raised for Save the Children and the „Heart of Peace“ were better than we expected.

Here you can see some photos of our students „in action“.