Combinations of ten, doubles and math stories (Finland)

Among the most important basic things in math are the combinations of ten and the doubles. Year 1 practised these skills this time with balls. They also learned to tell math stories. Each story included both addition and subtraction. One told the story and the other counted it by using twenty frames and red and yellow counters.



Pepple race (Wales)

Year 1 (ages 5 and 6 years) have been learning about tens and units. They had to work in teams and race to collect the magic glass pebbles one at a time from the centre of the playground.  They then had to work together to count them carefully!



Math in the snow


Today we had math outside in the snow. Our goal was to practice measurement in meter and centimeter. We worked in groups of 4. First the group prepared the course. Then one pupil went down on a bum slider, two pupils measured and one wrote down the results. Every pupil went 3 rounds, then we worked inside with the results.