Sharing the joy of movement!

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Run, jump, learn! partner schools had a photo competition recently. The children took photos of each other moving. Each photo had to have at least three children moving. Each school then chose and rewarded the school winners. Here are the winning photos for you to enjoy!


Math in the snow


Today we had math outside in the snow. Our goal was to practice measurement in meter and centimeter. We worked in groups of 4. First the group prepared the course. Then one pupil went down on a bum slider, two pupils measured and one wrote down the results. Every pupil went 3 rounds, then we worked inside with the results.

Breaks in winter


Now we have a lot of snow and it is cold. Therefore we have much fun every day in our breaks between lessons. The little football ground is now an ice rink and we can go skating. One the bigger football ground we still play football, even in the snow. Fortunately we have some slopes on our school yard and there we have much fun with the bum sliders.

Round the clock


In year 3 we work much with time. We should be able to read the clock and to count with time. So we started with a repetition and worked with the clock as a timeline. We walked minutes and hours on the line and were minute-hand and hour-hand. Then we practiced with the timeline in a circle.

100 days in school

Recently we celebrated 100 Days in school in our preschool classes. To include motion we jumped 100 jumps in different ways. Since our pupils are just 6 years old we wanted to practice how to count to 100. We used a big dice and the number decided the movement or way of jumping. On the pictures you can see which movement belonged to that number. We jumped 10 times for each shot on the dice. The second time we hit the dice we went together to count between 11-20, etc. The third time we hit the dice we went together between 20-30 and so on up to 100. The purpose of the exercises is to raise the pupils pulse rate.

We also walked 100 steps with ant steps in the hallway.