Bäckskolan is a primary school in the Kinda municipality in Östergötland.

There are about 230 pupils, aged from 6 year in the preschool class to 9 or 10 years in Year 3 and about 40 teachers and other staff. In each class learn between 15 and 20 pupils. In the morning and after school the children can attend day care. Every day all pupils have free lunch, in day care there is breakfast and an afternoon meal.

Our school is an Eco school (Green flag) and has health and sustainability as a profile. The school yard invites to play and outdoor education. We use also the forest around as a place to learn and to play and the pupils are outside in all weather.

In our school about 20% of our pupils and some of our staff have a different mother tongue. This is a great opportunity to learn about other countries, cultures and languages.

We want our pupils to be independent and strong with a longing for a lifelong learning.