#Stayathome: 50 Challenges from five countries

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Here you can download 50 challenge cards to get into motion:

Challenge Cards Sweden

Challenge Cards Finland

Challenge Cards Wales

Challenge Cards Spain

Challenge Cards Germany

There are 10 challenges from each country – ready to use as pdf-documents.

About birds in the winter – Sweden

This January the pupils in the preschool classes learn about bird’s life, their food and their body parts. We make paintings, sculptures and our own books about birds.

Every week we go to the forest with our 22 six-year old pupils.

This week we learned about birds. In the forest, we split in small groups who worked together. Each group got a rope and a picture with a bird. The challenge was to use the rope to make the bird’s body contours. The other parts of the bird was to be done with things from the nature.

Skip and QR codes – Wales

Every classroom in the Foundation Phase (ages 3 to 7 years) has a SKIP area. Here, pupils can practise their physical skills. Pupils can scan the QR codes to watch a video to help them improve these skills. Every partner in our project now has these QR codes, which were made by the Plascrug Bronze Ambassadors.

Outdoor science – Finland

The first graders in Oulu have studied animals in science. Recently they practiced classifying animals into vertebrates and invertebrates by playing tree tag. Each student had a picture of an animal which were first studied and classified in class. They had to stand by their own tree. If the teacher shouted „vertebrates“ or “invertebrates”, everyone with a that kind of an animal changed from one tree to another. At the same time, the teacher tried to catch the them before they reached a new tree. The ones caught became new captors.